• What do you think is the best build for the Pool Party map? I was just curious what kind of build people like to use in Pool Party, which is one of the most popular map in the PG3D.

    By the way, my current build with my 3rd Account(lvl 24) is:

    Minigun Shotgun(lethality 25)

    Dual Cryo Pistols(got 226 shards for it with the first spin)

    Combat Yo-Yo(bought it some days ago)

    Laser Bouncer Maxed

    Prototype Maxed

    Dark Matter Generator(lethality 20)

    Edit: I am currently level 29 now, and I use the following build:

    Minigun Shotgun Maxed

    Dual Cryo Pistols

    Combat Yo-Yo Maxed

    Laser Bouncer Maxed

    One Shot Maxed

    Adamant Bomber

    Edit #2: I am lvl 30, and this is my build:


    Dual Cryo Pistols Maxed

    Combat Yo-Yo Maxed

    Laser Bouncer Maxed, or Gas Launcher Maxed

    Little Cthulhu

    Adamant Bomber

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    • Cryo pistals in 1 spin??

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    • Yup. I got 226 shards in one spin so I spinned a few more and crafted Dual Cryo Pistols, which I am using in the maps that I play the most often(Pool Party in Team Battle and Ghost Town in Duels)

      By the way, I also got 100 gems from one of the spins, which helped me to max out the Prototype.

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    • Luckey

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    • A nice pool party build I use is:

      Primary: Minigun Shotgun/Predator/Undertaker

      Backup: Dead Star

      Meelee: Storm Hammer/Chip Sword

      Speichal: Laser Bouncer

      Sniper: Astral Bow

      Heavy: Ghost Lantern/Soulstone

      This build is best used in small maps and hallways.

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    • I'd swap the shotgun for one of the rifles like marksman, take out those who are on the roof.

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    • id just have a good primary and heavy and spam

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    • Just so let you guys know...... I've swapped out my Prototype to One Shot(Maxed, but I have horrible aim with snipers so I normally use other guns) and my Dark Matter Generator to Adamant Bomber.¬†

      Against people with jetpack, I normally use Dual Cryo Pistols, which distract and force the target to move around, which significantly reduces their fire accuracy. When they come close, I use my Minigun Shotgun or Combat Yo-Yo to take them down. 

      In corridors or on top of the roop, I use my Adamant Bomber to take down other players, which apparantly with Adamant Bomber, is easy to do(unlike with Toy Bomber which I used in my Second Account).

      When there are lots of enemy players in the building, I charge to those guys and use my Combat Yo-Yo to cause some massacre(I sometimes get Slaughter with Combat Yo-Yo) However, when the ememy players are armed with GL series or Nanobot Rifle, I just use Adamant Bomber(or Deadly Beat) to take multiples of them with few shots.

      I haven't got lots of gadgets, so I use Molotov Cocktail(which I am planning to swap to Singular Grenade when I obtain it), Jetpack(just like every average players that use Adamant Bomber) and Heal Pack(haven't got Resurrection yet, so I am just using Alternative instead of it)

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    • If you are horrible with sniper try using the Flag Keeper for sniper. It's basically a free sunrise.

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    • I actually switched my One Shot to Little Cthulhu¬†because of my not-so-good-aim-with-scopes.

      Little Cthulhu, apparantly, proved itself to be really powerful in the Pool Party. That thing kills players(maxed) with TWO shot. My current strategy in the Pool Party is sniping people in/outside the pool building with Little Cthulhu and spamming some Adamant Bomber to annoy them/kill them. In close-ranged battles, I use Undertaker or Combat Yo-Yo, since those two weapons are the strongest weapon in close-ranged battles. Lastly, I use Dual Cryo Pistols(which I maxed out a few days ago) to take down jetpack users.

      That Strategy apparantly helped me achieve lvl 30 in my third account, and I suggest others which have not-so-good-aim-with-scoped-snipers to also try out Little Cthulhu in the Pool Party map.

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    • Simple enough: Pool party, being a small map, would give an advantage to any shotgun/area damage/close range weapon.

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    • A FANDOM user
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