• I am currently level 31 with the Anime Scythe (combat level: 11) with a power of 23. I have one upgrade left until combat level 12, which places the wraps at 25 power. However, even at its current level, the weapon does not one-shot kill as I expected it to? I’ve seen other Anime scythe users, one-shot killed by some, with their Scythes level 17.

    Why is my Anime Scythe so weak in comparison?

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    • Before I explain why your Anime Scythe is weak in comparison, I must explain HOW other people got theirs at Combat Level 17.

      There are two scenarios:

      1. The owner bought the Anime Scythe and fully upgraded the weapon before the Combat Level update. When the Combat Level update came, the owners got their Anime Scythe buffed to Combat Level 17.

      2. They won it at a Chest Event. However, the Combat Level of the weapon depends on your level.

      Since you bought the Anime Scythe AFTER the Combat Level update, its effectiveness was diminished and you can only upgrade it to a certain level (in this case, it's Combat Level 12).

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