• Here are two things that I have learned,

    • First, Players that "stare"

    In the starting of the match, look out for players that "stare" at you in the last seconds. If they are looking at you, there's a high possibility that he will attack you after the counter ends. It takes about 4-5 hits to knife you down, some players do this to get 2 weapons in the start(yours and his, provided his doesn't get stolen first!). If caught in a situation like this, the only solution is to counter-attack by knifing him to the death. Don't go for your weapon, as I said before, it takes just a few hits for him to kill you, but there's a possibility that you can get your weapon and kill him before he kills you, but it's highly unlikely.

    • Second, Survive!

    Ok, in every players' mindset, there is either "Kill 'em All!" or "Run 4 yer life!". Now here's how to survive.

    If you are a "Kill 'em All" person, then you'd be like Rambo. But the thing is, you get random weapons in the start, it will be your fate. Getting weapons like the AK-48, Army Rifle and even the Alien Gun, you can at least kill about 2-3 players in the spawn(provided you don't get killed by Rambo first). Getting weapons like the Pistol, Shotgun or the Double Trouble however, you'd better "Run 4 yer life" as they don't do sh--, you have a better chance surviving by finding another weapons' crate and hope that you get what you need.

    After that, it would be the hunting game. Finding players won't be a walk in the park. You can use weapons' crates as traps when other players come to claim it, just hide in a position where people are unlikely to see you and wait for the prey. Or you'd like sniping.

    Snipin's a good job, mate!
    ~ The SniperTF2
    You need to have either the Army Rifle or the Sniper Rifle to get the job done, but you need to snipe in a high place. The Arched Cliff would be a great place but player's would be able to spot your "shadow" from afar, so use the Trees. You can get there by jumping on them from the mountain. There's a large area of trees for you to jump about and has a 360° view of the whole map but beware for other snipers. Although you may want to reach there stealthily, which brings us to the "camo" tip just below.

    If you are a smart and a "Run 4 yer life" person, here's a few tips.

      • Get a "camo skin", do this by simply painting yourself similar to the environment. My favorite would be all black when playing in the night, as it would be harder for players' to spot you when running away.
      • Run for a only a few blocks.. Then run further, just to be on the safe side, hide behind a tree or jump into the river and look out for your surroundings, you don't want to be followed by Rambo or get sniped when trying to find a place to hide.
      • "Campin'"! The best way of TRUELY surviving, camp in a dark/hidden area and wait things out, just be sure that you should keep an eye for Rambos.
      • Now what? If you are the last one standing, you know what you have to do. You can choose to be chicken and wait for the timer to end(extremely noobish behavior) or go out and end this. But beware, the last rival may be a sniper or just a camper like you, so you need to be alert. Try walking around the whole map by using the corners to avoid getting spotted. You can try to get him talking by using the the chat and type simple replys like "Where r u?" or "I c u!" or "Meet at spawn", he then may choose to reply back which provides you with more time catching him or he may keep quiet, just try to keep the conversation going. Don't try to chat while standing out in the open, that would be just dumb(killed a player who did just that + myself getting killed by doing just that).

    Well, that's most of what I learned until now. Hope this helps you all!

    More useful tips!

    • Know the arena like it's the back if your hand.

    It's vital for you to know where you are. Get to know what to be aware of in the maps, like weapons' crates, (possible) places where enemies might be and camping spots(literally!). You don't want to be going into the dark woods at night without having a map in your head(like getting lost in the dangerous maze like arena "COMPLEX").

    • More weapons, anyone?

    Getting the best weapons is one thing, but don't be too greedy.

      • Get only what you need, if you currently have a great weapon and is confident of winning the round with it, don't risk your life to get that lonely little floating crate there or that weapon that someone had dropped over there. If that weapon is strong and poses a potential threat to you, you can risk it and get it or use it as an ambush.
      • Switching weapons unintentionally. Try to avoid stepping on some weaker weapons when you already have a stronger one. You might be Rambo-ing with your Army Rifle and then suddenly getting a Shotgun, before you change it back, you have already been killed.
      • Breaking them carefully. When destroying crates, use your knifes. You don't want to let others know you're there. If you are totally confident that there's no one around, you can shoot it from a distance before getting it.
      • Recent Activity. Remember for all the places where crates are. If you come to a retrieve a crate that was supposed to be there but it isn't, that means someone had claimed it and has been though here already, possibly camping near you!
    • Get headshots! It seems that in the world of Pixel Gun, the player's head will be biggest part of his body. Don't you dare miss that headshot. (Added by DiamondDeathMC)
    • Shock and awe, strike fear into the enemy. Type anything into the chat that is scary/demoralizing(as long as it's not offensive), this would destroy the enemies' morale and increase your chances of winning.
    • Pursuing enemies. When chasing/hunting someone down, be aware of other players. Players who are being chased tend to hide and wait for you to pass by and ambush you, so keep an eye out for that. Don't go running towards him without knowing where he is.

    (Copied from my profile)

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