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The Toy Bomber is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 10.4.0 update. It's the second form of the Toy Bomber.


The Toy Bomber Up1 is a colorful weapon. It's overall purple, with a light green handle and yellow details. It shoots red balls, which are stored in a yellow skull-shaped magazine located underneath the barrel.


This weapon shoots highly explosive and damaging red balls, which explode when they impact with an enemy or after a few seconds if left untouched.


  • Attack enemies when they are in cramped areas.
  • Shooting from above is recommended, due to the looping shots of this weapon.
  • This gun is best in killing mobs in co-op survival since it nearly one-shot-kill every single mob in the co-op survival. It is the best weapon if there is a lot of small crowds in the co-op survival maps.
  • You can also use the projectiles from it to scout your way by firing some and charging up the weapon. If the enemy comes to that way, explosions follow up, dealing considerable damage.
  • Since this gun's projectile bounces for a few second till it explodes, you can fire the projectile across the obstacles and the ball will bounce till it hits the target.
  • What makes this weapon deadly is that its projectiles are hard to see due to their size, use this to lay traps around and seemingly pulling explosions from nowhere.


  • When the user approaches, escape and try to avoid the red balls.
  • Attack the user whilst they are reloading.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.



Golden Toy Bomber:

Image Appearance Cost Released League Required
GoldJoker The purple and the green details and the bolt turns golden and shiny. 110 Coin
or obtained from the Lucky Chest.
11.0.0 1.2K

 Trophy (Golden  League).


Overwatch themed

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a long ranged weapon.


  • It resembles Junkrat's weapon in Overwatch.