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The Ultra Beam is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 15.6.0 update. It can obtained once reaching Pro League.


The weapon has a neon or future type look to it with a long black/gray scope with a little red glass and a big circle near the end of the gun



  • Use it like a beefed up Prototype or a weakened Prototype S, every shot must count even when maxed out, as it has less ammo than both of them.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • Like most similar weapons, the wall break is not that powerful. It should be only utilized if the enemy is taking cover behind a medium object, such as behind a ram’s wheel.
  • Use the scope when engaging users at farther distances.


  • When caught in a sniper duel, take time to aim while strafing to avoid getting hit.
  • Strafe as much as possible to waste their ammo.
  • Avoid being out in the open when there is a sniper present.
  • 0xbadcode is a great counter, paired with shadow spell, multitaskers or impulse rifle, it can be proven very difficult to counter.
  • A close range shotgun user or a scoped masterpiece musket (at long range) can be a good choice if you lack instant travel weapons for your backup or special.


Futuristic themed.

Weapon Setups

Have a backup Primary or Heavy weapon to finish players off or act as an emergency weapons when players get too close.


  • In the update log, it was referred as the "most powerful weapon". However, it performs similarly to other weapons in its class.
  • It can only be obtainable once the player has entered the Pro League.