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The Viking is a Primary weapon introduced in the 15.2.0 update. It is obtainable during the Battle Pass of the Phoenix Order. It is also available through the Time Travel event.


It appears to be a pump action shotgun with an 'L' shaped pump to make it look like a Viking war axe. Another 'L' is on top of the axe blade. The L on the inside is a mixture of orange and yellow. On the top of the axe blade is the place where the bullets come from. The back is brown, with what appears to be a red ribbon tied onto it. The trigger is about 1/3 way to the front from the back.


It deals massive damage especially at close ranges, it has decent fire rate, low capacity, and decent mobility.

However, it does shoot slightly slower than the other dominant shotguns, the Devastator, and the Undertaker.


  • Use this for close range encounters, just like any other shotgun.
  • Use this in small maps like Colliseum and Pool Party, as you can make use of it to the fullest.
  • Avoid using this against long-range snipers, as you will get easily killed.
  • Conserve ammo as this weapons capacity is somewhat low.
  • Aim on the head for maximum efficiency per shot.
  • Use this as something to gain free armor.
  • Use this similarly to the Undertaker.
    • This shotgun has slightly more range and damage than other shotguns.
    • Get in close with both weapons.


  • If in a close range map, jump around and get a good headshot with a high damaging weapon.
  • Pickoff its users at long ranges.
  • Counter these users with carbine weapons at medium ranges.
  • Strafe around them and over them. Try to avoid taking majority of the shots.


Viking themed

Weapon Setups

  • Bring a scoped weapon for long ranges.
  • A melee weapon that have at least a mobility of 90 for retreat. Have a medium-long range back up and a good sniper. (The Multitaskers can also be used as the light mobility weapon and the medium-long range back up.)
  • This is a useful add-on to Category Spammers.
    • Being a shotgun this weapon greatly delivers what most players would expect from a shotgun. Although very powerful and would provide decent gameplay for seasoned shotgun players, this weapon would still provide similar gameplay to any Undertaker users, but worth attempting to get from the start.


  • It is one of the 4 Battle Pass weapons introduced in the 15.2.0 update along with the Heart of Volcano, Gladiator, and Cursed Pirate.
  • This is the first shotgun to feature the "Armor Bonus" and "Bleeding" attribute. However, the Devastator and Photon Shotgun have the "Burning" effect.
  • When this weapon was first released (15.2.0), there was a bug when the opponent took a direct hit, he/she would freeze.
    • It was patched about 1 week later.
  • Its reload animation is similar to the Simple Shotgun.
  • This weapon seems to switch between being a two hit kill and a one hit kill.