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The Warmaster is a Primary weapon introduced in the 15.2.0 update.


It is a reskin of the Mech Heavy Rifle.

The Warmaster is orange with a tint of red. On the cartridge, there are 2 red stripes and a skull somewhat resembling the kill streaks skull or the skull on the Dual Machine Guns. The handle is black with red arrows going down. At the front end, there is a blade under. It has red stripes with spikes on the bottom. At the top in the middle, there is another handle.


It deals mediocre damage, mediocre fire rate(for a machine gun), mediocre capacity, and mediocre mobility. It is a more well-rounded weapon.


  • Use similarly to the Mech Heavy Rifle.
  • Like the Laser Minigun, this weapon has very high spread, so don’t try using it as a counter to longer range primaries like Secret Forces Rifle or Royal Fighter.
  • This weapon works best at semi-short to medium range, as the spread won’t affect the weapon’s accuracy too much.
  • Try to fire in short, controlled bursts to reduce spread.
  • Do not stand still. You will be sniped and you will not be able to freeze effectively back.


  • Have a longer range Sniper such as the Anti-Champion Rifle, Inventor’s Rifle, or Neutralizer. You can also use a scoped Primary such as Laser Assistant or Royal Fighter to outrange them as well.
    • The user will be ineffective at range as you easily pick them off.
  • Try ambushing the user from above or behind using a powerful oneshot weapon such as Circus Cannon or use a close quarters weapon such as Ghost Lantern.
  • Avoid the user's shots by jumping around them. The 70 mobility will be harmful to that player as you can pick them off with a 1 shot weapon.



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

ALWAYS take a powerful Sniper with you, as the Warmaster is weak at longer ranges. Also bring a good close quarters weapon such as Soulstone, Combat Yo-Yo, or Shotgun Pistol in case of ambushes.

  • In terms of gameplay, this weapon won't really provide any gameplay that is very different from the Mech Heavy Rifle. At the hands of a highly skilled player, this weapon can be very deadly and would prove to be a very effective weapon where the only proper counters being just the hard counters to any weapon of this type: Long ranged or massively high DPS weapons.