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Winter Island, also known as "Winter Wonderland" in multiplayer (removed), is the fourth level of the single-player mode Campaign in Block World.




After defeating the green Zombie Flying Pig Boss and roasting it, they travel to Winter Island, while the Female Survivor was amazed by the snow. Newbie noticed something suspicious about the snowman, later it transformed into a Double-Headed Snowman.

Hidden Coin

There is a coin hidden behind a snowman with a watermelon head that is found near the castle entrance.

Hidden Gem

The gem is located above the throne in the castle. To get it you must use the Ninja Tabi, the Berserk Boots, or a weapon that can Rocket Jump.


It has a small white castle in the middle of the map with cliffs surrounding it, and a sea around the island. It also has trees in the map, along with a small winter island. Sky Islands is also found in the map.


  • Land on a higher spot in this map, then pick off enemies from long range.
  • Do not stand still, or else, you will be zombified (dead).
  • Take out a group of enemies with a Heavy weapon.


  • The map was removed from Deathmatch for an unknown reason. However, it was brought back into multiplayer, in the 9.3.0 update, specifically added back as a Co-op Survival map.
    • Ever since its introduction in Co-op Survival, it has replaced Farm.
      • However, in the 11.0.0 update, the map was removed from multiplayer. Currently, this map can only be played in Campaign mode.
  • A Battle Shovel can be seen in this map.
  • This map looks similar to the Minecraft snow biome.


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