The Zombie Flying Pig boss is the boss found in Sky Islands.


Speed: Very Fast

Damage: 3

Health: 30 hearts


It will fly in a straight line at eye level, much like the Flying Pig. When it gets close, it will attack you by displaying a shaking animation, then it will bite you.


It is merely a green version of the Flying Pig, with a slightly wider face, longer wings, and red eyes.It appears to have little fangs sprouting from the bottom jaw.


  • It's skin used to resemble a zombie pigman from the game 'Minecraft'.
  • In the comic, it is shown that the survivors have eaten the pig.
  • The face can be seen on the Evil Pig Hammer.


  • When fighting this boss, use homing weapons against it as the boss is very fast, as well as you don't have to worry about wasting ammo.
  • Simply use any kind of weapon that you see fit, as long as you keep moving away from this boss.
  • Try to get head shots to speedup the process of killing this boss.