For the weapon, see Zombie Head (Weapon).

The Zombie Head is a common enemy that can be found in the Bridge, City, and Arena modes.
Zombie Head



  • Damage: 1 Heart new
  • Health: 2 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


  • Damage: 1
  • Health: 3 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


  • Damage: 1.5
  • Health: 4 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


It will keep on hopping towards and it will "throw" itself at the player, dealing damage. Keep your attention to the ground when on levels containing this enemy because it is way smaller than you.


It is normally a "decapitated" head from an Injured Zombie.



  • This head is similar to other enemies that only has heads.
  • It could be the Headless Injured Zombie's head.
  • Oddly, with anything but a sniper weapon, it shows players can't get a headshot on it.

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