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The Zombie Head Up2 is a Melee weapon introduced in the 10.5.0 update. It is the final form of the Zombie Head.


It is a light-green decapitated zombie head with a pair of protruding red eyes, bits of hair, and its spine and. Its idle that it moves it jaws and the user 'pats' it.


It has high damage, high attack rate, and medium mobility for levels 27 and higher.


  • It can easily tear down armor due to its attack rate and damage.
  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Use this in melee range.
  • Move forward, backward, strafe and dodge while attacking


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.


None (Final)



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Bring a scoped weapon to take out targets from afar.


  • It is the only melee weapon to be a living head of an enemy.
  • As of the 11.0.0 update, this form, unlike almost any other weapon with a third form, now has a Coin price.
  • It was given the Poison Shots attribute in the 11.2.0 update.


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